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Apple sold 1.2 billion IPhone since 2007

Apple sold 1.2 billion IPhone since 2007 August 10, 2017Leave a comment
Apple sold 1.2 billion IPhone

Apple’s Q3 2017 earning revile, CEO Tim Cook formally delivered that the Cupertino-based totally absolutely business enterprise has sold over 1.2 billion iPhones due to the fact its authentic release over again in June 2007. the information comes just a 12 months after the company revealed that they’ve provided 1 billion iPhones.

consistent with Tim cook, iPhone has been one of the maximum critical, global-converting and a hit merchandise in statistics. inside the ultimate 365 days, the corporation has controlled to promote 200 million iPhones, this is pretty a feat, to mention the least. the one’s smartphones have step by step, but superior and advanced over the past decade.as consistent with steve jobs expectancies, iPhones have genuinely managed to revolutionize the mobile smartphone enterprise, and their effect can despite the fact that be seen 10 years later. properly, apple might be celebrating iPhone’s 10th anniversary even further formally unveiling the extremely expected iPhone 8 later this yr.

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