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Auto-Playing Video Preview In Google Search ??

Auto-Playing Video Preview In Google Search ?? August 20, 2017Leave a comment
Auto-Playing Video Preview In Google Search ??

Google is rolling out a new video preview feature that automatically plays a six-second preview of movement snapshots in the search result. Now with this new additional feature, users will see a six-second silent preview of the video within the seek results, in place of a still thumbnail.

Now preview will only play if you are connected to wifi network. Google uses gadget analyzing to permit this selection, which uses a set of policies that analyzes the entire video and comes to a ramification which is the best part of the video to reveal due to the fact the six-second preview clip.

It is in a phased manner and is currently available to the users in u.s. Despite the fact that reviews advise that google will subsequently roll out the video preview functionality globally, and also will upload help for languages other than English. As of now, the characteristic is first-rate to be had on Android devices. However, a business enterprise spokesperson has determined that it will quickly come to ios and computer too.

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