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Game of Thrones 6th episode leak accidentally?

Game of Thrones 6th episode leak accidentally? August 16, 20174 Comments
Game of Thrones 6th episode leak accidentally?

As though the massive statistics robbery by means of hackers become no longer sufficient worry for hbo, the next episode of Game of Thrones has been ‘accidentally’ aired by using hbo Spain prior to its scheduled date of airing.

The information first broke on Reddit, in which a user published a screenshot of the sixth episode of the display’s 7th season being aired on HBO’s channel, which was up for an hour before being taken down.

Now that’s not all, as many users also live streamed the episode on twitch, Instagram, youtube and twitch, however, the streams were later shut down. folks who had been lucky to capture the live airing of the imminent episode additionally shared screenshot Reddit.

An anonymous e-mail in reference to the cutting-edge incident from Entertainment Weekly has reported that :

“Hi to all mankind, the greatest leak of cyber space era is occurring. It’s hbo and ‘game of thrones’ you are lucky to be the primary pioneers to witness and download the leak. Enjoy it & spread the words.”

HBO is combating hackers to prevent further leaks, whilst then again, their personal division is leaking new episodes.


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