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Google knows EVERYTHING about YOU!!

Google knows EVERYTHING about YOU!! August 4, 2017Leave a comment
Google knows EVERYTHING about YOU!!

Google Knows everything about YOU!

  • Everyone knows that Google is the boss of everything on the Internet
  • Isn’t it scary when the company knows so much about you through the internet
  • Well in this case Google is that company

To prove this couple of months ago Google launched a website called “MyActivity”

MyActivity it is used to show you what data they are collecting from the usage of Google services

What kind of data?

  • Like anything you searched
  • Websites you visits
  • videos you watch
  • ads you tabbed on
  • Applications you use
  • Information you Entered
  • Apps you download
  • And many more

Google will most likely know all the stuff you do on the Internet

Not only this they know exactly when you’ve done all those things

On MyActivity you can even see website or application you used on a specific week or day

You can build to your collect data by specific dates or products

So for Ex

  • I can look what i did on jan 1 2013 just throwing a random date out there
  • I basically started using Sony xperia,play store ,and visit specific website like xda developer to install rom on my xperia
  • What app i have used on that day with time
  • What video i have watched
  • What Game i have played

Not just that if you have news app then what news you have read and i think like everything

I have to hand it to Google for providing a really nice interface allowing you to view summarize Information bundled view which is easier to visually comprehend or an item view which is just a huge list of cards in chronological order

So in the end MyActivities is basically a history page for everything you’ve done on google services

Still scary thought that one giant company corporation knows so much about us

Some benefits of this for non-private lifestyle

  • With all this information Google can restored your preferred settings if  you switch to a new device
  • Helps you to discover videos or music that you enjoy
  • Gives you vital information about hot topics you’re interested in without you even asking
  • And even shows you advertisement that you might actually enjoy
  • Plus Google security is obviously one of the best that so you shouldn’t have to worry about your private data getting hacked or exposed

Still you care for your private data ?

  • Even then Google allows you to manage your privacy in your google account limiting down what data they can collect and use
  • You can also delete items from your MyActivity account from myactivity timeline as well

So even though a giant company such as Google knows so much about us and what we do on Internet each and every day it’s still nice to know that all this collect data is secure

And if i like to limit down what they can see or use i can do so as well !

Click here if you like see your private data.

For more about Google keep visiting!!

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