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How to take Smart Care of your SmartPhone’s Battery

How to take Smart Care of your SmartPhone’s Battery August 4, 2017Leave a comment
How to take Smart Care of your SmartPhone’s Battery

Smartphone’s battery the most important part of our life now. In the last few years, smartphone’s battery is changed but the technology is same

Just the method of removing the battery is changed , like before we can change our smartphone’s battery by our own but now it comes in a sealed format you can’t remove it we need to go to the service centre to change it.

In this situation, we need to take good care of our smartphones battery  so that it will work for at least two years

The battery is the only thing that stops working within 2-3 yrs, not like other components RAM , Processor, Display they can work like for 5-10 years without any problem if we take good care of it. But battery stops working in first 2 years only.

How to take Smart care of SmartPhone’s Battery

  • First thing is that you should change the way of charging your smartphone do not charge your phone’s battery from 0% to 100% or using it from 100% till it gets discharge to 0%
  • Charge your smartphone’s battery from 15% or 20% or whenever you gets free time
  • Battery is like human being while working also we eat something drinks water, juice etc its not that we eat in the morning and works for whole day and at night eats the whole day’s meal
  • We follow a proper routeing and that must be happening with our smartphone’s battery
  • Second thing using proper charger if your smartphone’s charger charge’s your phone slow or it has less Amper then  you can use any other phone’s charger their’s no risk of using any others phone charger just the output voltage must be same as per your smartphone’s charger
  • Third thing is that you should charge your smartphone’s battery from 0% to 100% once in Month not daily
  • Due to charging-discharging the cells in the battery gets weak and doing this helps the Battery cells to regain its original power
  • One more thing that smartphone’s battery can be used up to 1000 recharge cycles that’s like 2-3 years after that you need to change it , But it’s not that it will stop working but the power will be reduced rather working for full day it will work for half day or for few hours
  • Fourth thing , some peoples thinks that charging phone for whole night will damage the battery but that’s not correct it will not damage battery
  • From last few years, the smartphone’s battery is made like it will not accept charge after 100% so it is safe to charge your battery at night
  • This problem was in the old phones like Nokia , battery gets damaged or swelled due to overcharging

So in this way you can take smart care of your smartphone’s battery

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