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HP zero Ink Tiny Printer | Sprocket

HP zero Ink Tiny Printer | Sprocket August 4, 2017Leave a comment
HP zero Ink Tiny Printer | Sprocket

Hey I’m always looking for new Gadget and here is the new one HP | Sprocket

World’s Tiny printer which uses zero Ink

It takes digital content and allows it to the existing world

In a click of a button, you get an actual image a physical image of 2×3 size which you can give it to anyone



It comes with an Android and iOS app which let’s you take your images from your smartphones , social media and otherwise and makes a 2×3 image form your smartphone.

You can commemorate your moment in the real way in not a digital way

How does it all work ? How it is so small?

  • Print photos directly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Portable – about the size of a cell phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • ZINK Zero Ink technology


It uses Bluetooth to connect smartphone and the printer

   HP Sprocket- screenshot

You can use it print all kinds of images and use it stick to your laptops , mobile phones , notebooks

Just open the app and you will see the ability to take photo or select the photo from various sources

   HP Sprocket- screenshot

So that kind of cool , you can go back through your collection and print stuff that’s already up there

After taking photo their is an editor to enhance your photo put some text or image on top of it .

   HP Sprocket- screenshot

Load paper and hit print , the smart sheet comes out first and that’s it

You can stick it anywhere you want

It comes with a price tag of $129 and card pack for 9.99$

That was the Hp | sprocket hope you all like the post !!!

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