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INTERNET DOWN FOR 60 SECONDS? August 4, 2017Leave a comment

What happens in 60 seconds?

If we notice nothing happens in our life in 60 seconds

  • Does not get auto rickshaw
  • Does not get cash from ATM
  • Even Maggie also cooked half(actually not even half ) .

But in 1 minute anything can happen on Internet like

  • Like,comment,post,share,Block,tweet,poke,message,mail,swipe,match,chat,watch,view,subscribe,order,scores,recharge,uber,ola,amazon,flipkart,uploads,download,booking trains,trades even though now IRCTC.

What if the INTERNET goes down for 60 SECONDS? (Not like Router ON and OFF)

1.Really if the Internet goes down for 60 second then?

  • On the Internet the data’s flows in the format of  0’s and 1’s just like the mark’s.
  • On the Internet in just 1 Minute 1422 TB  of data flows through the Internet .

1422 TB

1422000 GB

1422000000 MB

1422000000000 KB

This is a very very large amount of 0’s and 1’s

2. If we store this data in our DNA  then the length of that DNA would cover the distance between the EARTH and the SUN ” 4.5 TIMES “

1m of DNA can store 94 KB

149.5 MILLION KM x 4.5 = IDK

3.In 1 minute the total searches done globally and if you wants to do that many searches then you will need 120 YEARS (IF YOU DO 100 SEARCH EVERY DAY)

Yes 120 (Imagine GOT red women XD )

4.If every Email send as a written letter then it will take 5 years for an INDIAN POST to deliver to everyone.(150 MILLION MAILS in 60 SECONDS )

  • In that time Government also changes

5. The number of people who won’t be able to log in the Facebook(701389 LOGINS) to seek self validation(like 1.6 M) from people who DON’T matter by posting(1.3 M) things that DON’T matter  can fill the EDEN GARDEN 10.5 TIMES (capacity 66,349).

6. The number of tweets(374,222 tweets) done all over the world and if we join them together then we can write 13 copies of BIBLE

7. If we convert every snaps of snapchat(52,7760 snaps) in a 22mm rill then variation of it will be like Lord of the Rings trilogy and it will be a very long and boring movie with no story line and too many characters .

8. In 1minute on whatsapp 138,000 voice messages , 4,80000 photos and  20,800,000 messages will not be delivered

9. On Tinder (972222 swipes) more than 9 lakhs swipes won’t happen and that many hearts also won’t break  .

10. Youtube scans over 146,000 hours of video every minute (In this much of time world two II can get over 3 times )

11. If we talk about world economy then in 1 minute

  • Youtube will lose 7.14 L
  • Facebook will lose 22.85 L
  • Google will lose 94.43 L
  • Non-cash transaction of 5.38 CR won’t happen.
  • And Global stock exchange will lose 1072.4 CR

In this amount of money Shah jahan can build 5 TAJ MAHAL that also in different shades.



So if your friend say what will happen if Internet goes down for just 1 minute then you can show him/his this post.

Keep visiting for more.

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