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IPhone 8 Rumours |Top 5 Rumours 

IPhone 8 Rumours |Top 5 Rumours  August 6, 2017Leave a comment

Apple’s iPhone 8 Rumours will not stop untill it’s officially unevil in September. I think there are more Rumours than the actual features that will be in IPhone 8. Here are top 5 Rumours of IPhone 8.

1. Face ID – If upcoming iPhone does not have Touch ID beanth the display, then might be get replaced by Face ID which a new security system uses face detection features

2. Wireless charging – Now you charge your iPhone by two ways. But as it’s expected you have to buy the wireless charging kit seperately .

3. Bezel less display – As many of us now iPhone was planning to bring a bezel less iPhone this year . I think that’s why there’s no home button .

4. Resolution – A bezel less iPhone might have some change in the resolution. As it is said Resolution might be 1125×2436 with 521 ppi super crisp display . Because from the last 3 years apple have not made any change in the panel.

5. Home button – How to expect a bezel iPhone with home button. That’s why there’s a Face ID this time. The iconic home button apple is going to remove now

Apple’s iPhone 8 will have a drastic redesign structure this year.

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