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iPhone spy camera

iPhone spy camera August 4, 2017Leave a comment
iPhone spy camera

This is called cover case , it’s kind like spy case for iPhone6

Or we can say the best iPhone lens case for one handed candid photography

How does it work?

  • It uses a mirror to take image reflected onto your camera lens
  • We can use this case cover using  app there is a QR code at the back of box to download the app
  • Built-in lens allows you to capture natural, candid pictures because it lets you shoot from your waist, not in front of your face.
  • Sliding lens means you never have to remove your case to shoot with your built-in iPhone camera.
  • Free mobile app allows you to shoot with the COVR Lens or the iPhone lens – you don’t need to switch apps.
  • The COVR Photo case is being used around the world by pro-photographers, photojournalists, street photographers, photography hobbyists, moms & dads and anyone wanting to capture special, uninterrupted, candid moment

And the mirror that comes out of the case will probably gonna stab you in the pocket

It will hide your camera and allows you to take photos horizontally without anyone noticing that you are taking pictures of them like a spy

It’s like a fun kind you can take funny pictures of your friends without letting him know

You can buy this case cover from amazon

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