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Man Changed his name to “iPhone 7”

Man Changed his name to “iPhone 7” August 4, 2017Leave a comment
Man Changed his name to “iPhone 7”

Apple’s iPhone is always the hot topic in world and everyone loves the iPhone

We know there are many iPhone fans all around the world who waits for the new iPhone and be in line for 15 hours to get the new iPhone

Few week ago a 20-year-old man Olexander Turin from Ukrainian officially changed his name to iPhone7. Just to buy the new iPhone7 .

Why he changed his name ?

  • Olexander Turin wants to get the new iPhone7 and the electronic store that offered the latest Apple products was giving the new iPhone to the first five people who will change their name.
  • Olexander Turin now officially called as iPhone sim (Seven) has done something crazy that no one has done up till now
  • It cost Olexander Turin $850 to buy the iPhone7 and $2 to change his name.
  • He said that he will change back his name to Olexander Turin when he will have children.
  • This was shocking news for his friends and family also when he said he wanted to change his name to iPhone7

Olexander Turin sister Tatyana Panina said that “It was difficult to accept and hard to believe but it’s true”

She also said Each one in this world wants to express himself so why not in this way?

So that’s the story of iPhone sim(seven) and it shows the craze of the Apple’s Products

What do you guys think about it? Would you like to change your name to iPhone7 to get the new Apple iPhone?(Not for free 😉 )

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