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New features of Android 8.0 Oreo

New features of Android 8.0 Oreo August 24, 20173 Comments
Android 8.0 Oreo

Eventually, after plenty of speculations google has found out the very last call of it is modern-day Android version 8.0. Google introduced that Android 8.0 will be known as “oreo”.

It is the second time even as google used an present product name for its android model. in beyond google used famous chocolate logo “kitkat” name for android version four.4 and now the commercial enterprise organisation has used famous cookie emblem “oreo” name for the ultra-current android model

Google is selling Android 8.O “oreo” as open surprise and a superhero which is smarter, quicker, extra powerful and sweeter than all previous android versions.

Android “oreo” comes with many new and interesting features which includes, notification dots, new emojis autofill, google play protect, photo-in-photograph and so on.

New features present in Oreo:

Google play defend: Android oreo comes with google play defend built-in which is a security device to maintain your device, your statistics and your apps secure and comfortable.

Notification dots: It’s a totally handy feature. it indicates a small dot on app icons which contain a few notifications. Users can faucet on the icon to see what’s new inside the app and may take movement on the one’s notifications. Users can clean the notifications by way of swiping away using the dot icon. The notification dot will extract the colour from the app icon.

Notification snoozing: Users might be able to conceal notifications for a time period.

Quicker boot speed: Oreo provides quicker boot velocity whilst your tool powering up. in lots of devices, you may word as much as 2x faster boot time.

New emojis: oreo comes with masses of fully redesigned emojis including over 60 new emojis.

Autofill: If you provide your permission, autofill feature will bear in mind your login passwords to allow you to sign into your apps with any want of getting into your credentials again. apps using shape facts and password managers could be capable to utilize autofill function.

Photograph-in-image: This selection permits customers to manage responsibilities simultaneously on any length display. Users could be capable of see two apps right now on their cellular phone screen. one app window could be proven in heritage as a regular app and the alternative app window can be shown as an overlay. this option will become very beneficial for youtube videos, video calls and many others.

Longer battery backup: Oreo minimizes unintended overuse of battery from apps in heritage by converting the way apps run in historical past. It also comes with new limits on wireless scans and background place scans which helps in keeping your tool battery going longer. Those limits also assist in enhancing overall system performance.

Android immediate apps: oreo permits users to leap immediately into new apps from the browser with none need of set up.



  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on the device that runs Android 8.0 Oreo. I Loved the new features of; Android Immediate Apps without need to setting up the Apps, Notification Snoozing, Quicker Boot Speed, and Longer Battery Back Up.

    Thanks for the Share.

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