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Should I buy a Refurbished SmartPhone? Detail Explained

Should I buy a Refurbished SmartPhone? Detail Explained August 4, 2017Leave a comment
Should I buy a Refurbished SmartPhone? Detail Explained

Wants to buy a Refurbished SmartPhone? Just read this article and you will know everything about Refurbished SmartPhone

Everyone must have thought that  refurbished smartphones are cheap and should i buy it or not . There’s a confusion in everyone’s mind when they see Refurbished SmartPhone on shopping website at really cheap rate

You have seen many phones on websites which are cheaper than the normal market price rate and named with Refurbished SmartPhone, Repackage or Reboxed and you should buy that phone or not? Let’s see

What is Refurbished SmartPhone?

If you are thinking to buy a Refurbished SmartPhone from websites like eBay , shopclues , paytm or any other which you think they are not trusted then you should not buy the Refurbished SmartPhone from that sites

I will recommend you to buy Refurbished SmartPhone from Amazon ,Flipkart or snapdeal which have a return policy like 10 day or 15 days so that you can return Refurbished SmartPhone if you don’t like it

Now, What is Refurbished SmartPhone?

  • Suppose I have purchased a new smartphone from amazon of around Rs 22000 and used if for few days kept it with neat and proper care and after few days I have returned that to amazon just because I don’t like it
  • Amazon will take that phone without asking any questions.
  • Now what will amazon do with that smartphone ? They can’t make that phone a new one because it was used and open
  • Now in this situation, they will sell it as a Refurbished SmartPhone or Repacked Smartphone
  • Phone is in a brand new condition no damage, no scratch nothing (they will not take it back if it is damaged)
  • Just someone purchased that phone open the box used it for few days and returned it
  • It will come in market again with a price tag of rs18-19000
  • If you buy this phone then also you will get a warranty of 6months and you will get it as a brand new type only but it will not be a brand new because it was used for few days
  • There are some other types also in Refurbished SmartPhone
  • Suppose I have purchased a new iPhone and due to its speaker problem i have returned it and took a new one
  • Then with the old phone, they will repair it and again sell it as a Refurbished SmartPhone with few months warranty
  • If you are getting an iPhone as a Refurbished SmartPhone at a cheap rate then you should buy it

There’s a lot of price difference in new smartphone and Refurbished SmartPhone around 6-7000

If there’s a price difference like 2-3k then you should buy a new one only

Again if you are getting Refurbished SmartPhone with warranty then it’s a good thing if you don’t like it then you can return it(iPhone is best for that )

Just buy Refurbished SmartPhone from trusted site where they have some return policy. Check the quality , specification are same or not .

Some sites just sell it and they don’t have any return policy and then you will be in trouble

Hope you like the post comment below if you have any query

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