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Something about Facebook

Something about Facebook August 4, 2017Leave a comment
Something about Facebook

Lets know something about FACEBOOK!

  • Humans are social beings naturally most of us wants to know more about each other and what each other are doing at given time.
  • We also tend to follow trends of what socially going around us.
  • There’s a bit of famous experiments that shows this to summarize it states
  • Put one person in the middle of the street and make him stare at the sky and he’s CRAZY
  • Put a group of people in the middle of the street and make them stare at the Sky and more people will stop to look there must be something interesting up there that many people just cant be  wrong.

Yes that is social experiment and we all are social animals and all we wants to know what is trending in our society and what’s going on in the life of our friends and family.

  • This kind of human nature is one of the keys to success of what we now called SOCIAL MEDIA

In this post will take a fresh perspective on the origins of a MAN and a WEBSITE that change the world .


The year 1990’s

  • In the mid to late 1990 The Internet was seen as the new economy tech companies was hot and internet companies were pure fire.
  • Investors part millions of dollars into any company that just had a  .COM at the end of there name even if they didn’t have any plans on making money .

The year 1998

  • The year 1998 the true social media website decided to go public they were called the GLOBE.COM
  • The globes value raised 606% on the 1st day they went public a record that still stands today but by the next year the company had lost 95% of its value.
  • Why? because when the company earn so much money instead on working on the globe they spend the money on party and keep enjoying.
  • To run a social media website it need a framework and strong sense of direction.

Mean will at this time a bright kid name MARK ZUCKERBERG had learn programing fro his father and had already written and design software by middle school.


  • In high school mark and his friend built a media player called SYNAPSE it used machine learning to learn listeners habits and recommend music that it thought they would like.
  • Synapse was such an interesting concept that it gain the attention of microscoft and other global players but mark wasn’t settling he wanted a bigger challenge.


  • By the time mark graduated from high school and entered Harvard he was a season programmer
  • At harvard he wrote a program called FACEMASH and was essentially a version of hot or not with a voting and ranking system.
  • Facemash went live on weekend and by Monday Harvard servers had crashed students even couldn’t get on the internet it was that POPULAR.

Mark had the rare insight to see that sharing information could be the center of people’s life’s and as we know the rest was history


  • We can no longer thing Facebook is just a social network today incorporated is much bigger than that .
  • Studies have predicted that Facebook is going to loose 80% of its user base by the year 2018 .
  • So the company had no choice they have to venture out into new frontiers .

Some Fun Facts about the company

  • How Big is it? On the web is the Second largest site after Google and Youtube comes in a third.
  • Facebook currently has 1.6 billion active users per month.
  • Every 20min on Facebook 1million links are shared 2million friends are requested and 3 million messages are send
  • They have been 100 billion friend connections 1.3 Trillion likes and 250 billion photos since Facebook went live.
  • Originally the Facebook engineers wanted to call the LIKE button the AWESOME button

How much the Facebook worth today?

  • It worth over 200 billion dollars and that twice the value ebay , groupon , linkedln netflix, AOL, Pandora combined.
  • In 2009 the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year was the verb UNFRIEND.

Facebook acquisitions

  • Many of us know that Facebook has bought Instagram and wahtsapp but there were some other interesting acquisitions.
  • Upto feb 15 20014 Facebook acquisitions were really run of the mill but then they bought Oculus VR
  • Facebook thing that VR can be the next big thing .
  • Facebook also boast that they going to have the best artificial intelligence in the world.
  • For, Facebook is also planning solar powered unmanned flying drones of the size of Boeing 737. These drones will address around 3 billion people across the globe who do not have the internet.
  • Other acquisitions of Facebook are fitness tracking company, speech recognition companies, artificial intelligence companies, and the e-commerce companies.
  • Thousands of servers arrive daily at the Facebook data center and each of the server of 500 TB in size.
  • Data exchanged are in 100 of petabytes in forms of photos and videos per day
  • In the case of power failure, there are 3 megawatts generators 14 in number.

Facebook’s impact on society 

  • Some called it a hijacking of mind and others called a straight-up narcissism and yet others call it a replacement of our natural social reality with a virtual one.
  • No once every catch up anymore they just sends a message and talk to each other.
  • According to psychologists, social media platforms like Facebook will not allow the brain to develop a sense of self-realization and empathy while others say Facebook has given birth to a new psychological phenomenon called ‘ambient awareness’
  • Empathy is a capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from the other person frame of reference and teenagers do not use that any more .

Facebook has change the way we communicate and perceive relationships

The sheer amount of data that is processed every day is mind boggling

Its amazing that this technology enables us to stay in contacts with friends and family from around the world cheaply and easy

And just a thing it took just one college kid with a bit of determination and a bird idea to truly CHANGE THE WORLD so if you have an original idea take this steps to make it happen who knows what it could end up being .

Mark is currently worth of $35 billion

Hope you all like the post

keep visiting

source: Coldfusion

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